Our image classification, interpretation, image and incident analysis, and reporting services provide wide-ranging, remote-sensing support for high-quality data updates and insights. We are a leading provider of remote-sensing services with multi-sensor technology that enables us to process imagery data with quick turnaround time and a high degree of accuracy. Our experience ranges from capturing and updating topographic, hydrological, and man-made infrastructure data sets, to preparing a GIS base map with features. These features include outlines of buildings, agricultural farms, road networks, and other select man-made structures. We have worked on various satellite sensors such as CARTOSAT, IKONOS, QuickBird, WorldView 1 and 2, as well as aerial digital sensors. We have generated over 1 million sq. km. of digital elevation models (DEMs) with resolutions ranging from 50 cm to 8 m.

How We Can Help

  • A strong relationship with a leading satellite imagery provider enables quick image sourcing and processing for any global region
  • Developed several thematic algorithms to process 8-band imagery

Quick Facts

  • Processed more than 1 million sq. km. of satellite data
  • Produced very high-resolution DEM for over 14,000 sq. km.