We are a trusted provider of photogrammetry services for aerial triangulation, terrain modeling, large-scale mapping, orthophoto generations and 3D city modeling. Our photogrammetry services enable clients to get highly accurate map and spatial data that supports urban, operational and financial planning. For instance, our 3D building modeling enables law enforcement and emergency services personnel to visualize and understand a building or an area layout before even stepping into the place. Similarly, with respect to various feature layers such as trees, roads and water bodies, administrative bodies can gain a visual understanding of the lay of the land before sending their teams into the field. We deliver highly accurate services for our global clientele and meet their diverse business requirements efficiently by leveraging our expertise in multiple sensor technologies.

How We Can Help

  • Demonstrated capability in providing high-quality map update process
  • Recognized by a leading national mapping agency for accurate and timely map data updates, securing a quality award for the work delivered to them

Quick Facts

  • ISO 9000:2015-certified, world-class photogrammetry center that has more than 650 associates with core expertise in digital photogrammetry platforms
  • More than 1 million km2of terrain modeling and over 200,000 buildings modeled and textured