Leveraging our map creation skills, we create map data for various transportation sectors that can be used to generate industry-specific navigation maps. For instance, we create airport and runway maps according to aviation industry standards that help guide a pilot during approach to landing or takeoff, as well as on the runway or tarmac. This enables safer travel for passengers by processing and analyzing imagery that produces up-to-date map database, including vertical obstructions (for airports) and asset mapping (for road and railways). Our navigational data mapping services include:

  • Road and rail network update
  • Airport mapping
  • Satellite image data processing
  • Data sourcing
  • Data enrichment

How We Can Help

  • Leverage our partnership with DigitalGlobe, a leading imagery provider, to source the latest imagery for creating new navigational map data

Quick Facts

  • Railway properties mapped for 21,000 miles of rail tracks across Great Britain
  • Vertical obstruction mapping for over 200 airports along with the creation of the Aerodrome Mapping database as per ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards
  • Rail corridor mapping of over 15,000 sq. km