Cyient is a leading provider of airborne and mobile survey products, as well as bespoke services ranging from traditional aerial photography, LiDAR and oblique imagery to hyperspectral imaging, 3D modeling, and asset management.


We specialize in the capturing and processing of all aerial, mobile, and terrestrial surveys. Our tools can handle a considerable range of services like fixed-wing aerial photography, rotary-wing LiDAR to mobile laser scanners.

Aerial Photography
We utilize our fixed-wing aircraft to obtain aerial photography with resolution ranging from 3 to 25cm GSD

Hyperspectral Imaging
Unlike traditional RGB imagery, hyperspectral imagery captures in the non-visible parts of the spectrum

Whether rotary wing, fixed wing or mobile, we've got the LiDAR solution for you

We operate multiple oblique camera systems for either city-wide surveys or super high-resolution corridor projects.